Hydroblasting Services


Because concrete manufacturers shouldn’t have to expose workers to dangerous conditions in order to maintain their ready-mix fleet.

Our Hydro Blasting Rig

The G3 Robotic Concrete Removal System is the most powerful Ready Jet yet. Hardened concrete buildup inside your ready mix drum doesn’t stand a chance against this machine.

If you’re concerned about OSHA’s new rule regarding respirable crystalline silica, stricter weight limits, or just interested in finding the most cost-effective solution for cleaning your concrete mixer drums, The Ready Jet Robotic Concrete Removal System is the alternative to manual chipping you’ve been looking for.

Safety Compliance

Hydro Blasting Is The Safe Alternative
To Manual Chipping

Ready Jet means no more workers inside mixer drums

It’s time to get the man out of the drum!

Finally, a safe drum-cleaning solution for truck mixers is here! Now workers can remove old, hardened concrete without getting inside the drum and exposing themselves to respirable crystalline silica, a known carcinogen.

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Sustainability Challenge

The Ready Jet is the perfect Proactive Preventative Maintenance (PPM) tool to help you manage and maintain your fleet.

Mixer truck maintenance made easy